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To get involed in the "Wounded Warrior Project," you can enter that site by clicking here. Please do...

Please click on following links to websites for info on Employers and some of the many Organizations who support our Veterans: 
The following Organization (Orion International) places Veterans seeking employment, with Employers who are seeking those special skills, that our Veterans have to offer:

Click to enter "Orion International" where job seekers and employers meet

Message from their website:

Orion's Recruiting Team works hard to develop a successful reputation with our Corporate Clients and we are continually hunting for emerging Corporations that seek to build their leadership and technical teams with former military professionals.

For - Community of Veterans - Click Here:

Employer Support of The Guard and Reserve  (ESGR) Website lists Employers who offer their Reservist Employees similar to, or same pay and benifits as Sears does:

Click here to find info on Employers who continue to make up the difference in salaries and maintain benifits for their called-up Military Reservist Employees.

Send a special "letter of thanks" to our brave troops and veterans around the world. Click here for more information.

To get involved with the "Wounded Warrior Project," please click here.

Ph: 330-299-0220
Contact: Mr. Robert Harton